Ground Rules

Thank you for helping us foster a safe and transparent community

  1. Please be kind.

    We want to cultivate a safe environment for people to interact with one another. Please try your best to exercise kindness and tolerance.

  2. Please be truthful.

    Businesses must impart truthful facts and not misguide people with false information.

  3. Protect your privacy.

    For your own safety, please do not publicly post personal information, such as your personal email, number, address, social security number, or payment information.

  4. Do not post prohibited content.

    Examples include but are not limited to: weapons, replicas of weapons, weapon accessories, use of copyrighted material without permission, repackaging a previous created product without adding anything new, resale, other illegal drugs, offensive material (ex. hate speech, pornography, encouraging violence), gambling, any products claiming to cure, treat, or prevent a disease or condition.

  5. Do not spam.

    Any irrelevant, prohibited, or repetitive content will be promptly removed.