United States/California/Santa Cruz County

United States/California/Santa Cruz County

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Seaflowponics is your only solution for all of your growing needs! We offer premium lighting, the latest and greatest nutrients and a knowledgeable staff to guide you in your growing direction.

Green Bits

Cannabis Retail is Demanding!Every day, 1800+ Green Bits users meet those demandswith speed, accuracy, and automated compliance.


Our Mission: To help build a world that livesby the values cannabis teaches us.


Our products are the finest available in Northern California. Each Caliva Garden grown strain is selected for its purity, premier genetics, and superior effects.

Purple Lotus Patient Center

Our goal is to provide a quality service, a comfortable atmosphere, and top quality medication for every budget.

Buddy's Cannabis

Epic, Premium-Grade Organic Products. Platinum-level customer service. Commitment to Earth and Community.


CannaCruz is proud to provide its California patients with the highest caliber of service, product, and information. 

Reefside Health Center

Reefside Health Center aims to provide the best service possible to all patients- new and returning. Come by and let us guide you to your health!

Capitol Healers

C.H.A.I. is an elite low-cost non-profit cannabis association operated by and for it's members.  C.H.A.I. is committed to providing medical cannabis patients safe-access to the highest quality 100% lab-tested indoor medical cannabis.


California's premiere dispensary of high quality cannabis medicine, seeds and clones, with two locations in Santa Cruz open daily.


Bloom Yellow Bottles is revolutionizing the way you garden with ‘bloom’ advanced floricuture.  We are an Australian owned and operated liquid fertilizer manufacturer fusing science with nature to give you the most advanced floriculture feed system available.

831 Delivery

Medical Marijuana Home Delivery