United States/California/San Diego County

United States/California/San Diego County

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Canness Inc

Canness offers cannabis infused supplements for any athletic level with absolutely ZERO crash!

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CBD Naturals Nano Infused Bottled Water

I will be giving out FREE sample bottles for the first ten investors who contact me.

GreenSpeed POS, Inc

GreenSpeed is not just another POS solution, but a customizable solution to the needs of dispensaries in a difficult area of legality among jurisdictions.

Kush Angel

Kush Angel is the modern B2B platform that connects businesses in the legal cannabis industry. We are open to businessess at all stages from a simple idea to a full blown operation. Kush Angel makes B2B marketing for up and coming cannabis businesses easier than any other solution currently available.

Pakalotion, LLC

CBD Infused Lotion that makes your skin yell Hallelujah!  Pakalotion is made of bamboo and cannabis CBD oil extracts.  This lotion will succeed.  We have perfected the recipe, just need an Angel Investor.

Miramar Hydroponics

 It is our mission to provide the highest level of product information and customer service. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest developments in the Hydroponic industry, and bringing it to you, to help in the cultivation of your own personal garden.

Mighty Hydro

We specialize in indoor gardening and hydroponics: lighting, nutrients, air purification, climate control, seed starting, propagation, soil mediums, soil less mediums, harvesting.

Encinitas Hydro

With Encinitas Hydro you are in the best hands. We not only know each and every product intimately, but we have the right commercial solution for every hydroponic application

SanDiego Hydro

Providing San Diego with expert advice and top quality organic, hydroponic and aquaponic equipment for over a decade.

Quality Therapeutics and Technologies

Our tested and certified flowers, concentrates, vapor oils, edibles and accessories will allow you to get the best quality for all of your MMJ needs.

Okun THC

Okun THC is a premier cannabis delivery service in the heart of downtown San Diego. As a company, we strive to bring quality products and outstanding service to the patients of San Diego.

Breath of Life Delivery

San Diego’s Premium Medical Marijuana Delivery Service! Premium Grade Flower and Top Shelf Concentrate, Alwyas

Doctor Frank

Doctor Frank is an author, surgeon and leading physician in medical marijuana as featured in LA times. Friendly and informative, his practice is dedicated to assisting patients through medical cannabis and providing the support and advice you need. 

Alternative Patient Care

Alternative Patient Care is a non-profit, mutual-benefit medical cannabis delivery service.

Raw Medical Marijuana Collective

Medical marijuana delivery available 7 days a week.  Unique edible and concentrate concepts unseen in any other dispensary.

Kaya Collective

Kaya Collective is a San Diego-based medical marijuana dispensary delivery service. Each order is delivered with care and professionalism. Whether you seek a specialized treatment plan, or simply your favorite selection of premium quality flowers and concentrates, Kaya has your medical cannabis needs covered.

Optical Lock

The leader in security solutions that ensures authenticity of shipment container & storage room contents in the supply chain for commercial and government consumers.

Omni Security Transportation Services

Experienced, Trusted & Secure Services for Your Cannabis Transportation Needs


PharmLabs™ provides the cannabis community and beyond with laboratory testing and analytic services to ensure consumers have access to safe medicine.

PCS ProStaff Inc

PCS ProStaff Staffing, Payroll, HR, Executive Recruitment: Business Solutions CA