United States/California/Marin County

United States/California/Marin County

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OG Republic MedPen CBD Delivery System

The OG MedPen - California's original cartridge-based CBD delivery system designed for efficient, hassle-free medicating.  Serious investors only please!

Riply's CannaGum

Riply's CannaGum is America's #1 solution for discreet and delicious medicating.

The Green Cross

We supply San Francisco with high-quality medical cannabis by delivery to anywhere in the city, be it your home, your work, or even a café you are relaxing in. In doing so we adhere to the highest standards around health, safety, and patients' rights.

Forged K9

Forged K9 is a cannabis security company providing protection dogs for the cannabis industry, personal, and executive protection. Forged K9 dogs are trained and tested in real world environments specific to your business, industry, or home.