United States/California/Los Angeles County

United States/California/Los Angeles County

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Pakalolo Studio

Pakalolo Studio is an Innovative Photo Pop Up Studio only 12 Inches by 12 Inches.  Our custom light spectrum allows simple phone cameras to take extraordinary  images of plant-life.   A premier solution for quick, easy, and wonderful marijuana photos. 

Madison Edibles

We strive to provide the absolute highest quality cannabis products available anywhere.  Every edible treat we produce is made with 100% organically grown cannabis, flour, oils and other products.  We offer a Gluten Free line of tasty morsels as well.  

Baked At Home

The Baked at Home Company, is the first ever baking mix company specifically created for adding cannabis oil or cannabis butter.

Pot Smoker Wahoo Killer

Pot Smoker Wahoo Lure is a simply and fun idea.  We are not looking for an investor who wants to get rich on our company, just looking for an Investor who likes to fish, and want to make a few extra thousand bucks by doing almost nothing.

CannaBuild Elite, Inc

Grow Operation Build Out Specialists!

DT Grow op

Need 200,000 to 250,000 to lease and build out a 70 light  grow op to produce 42 to 56 pounds of medicinal marijuana.


Open a dispensary.

Cannabis transportation service (C.T.S.)

A transportation service for all your cannabis needs!  As the industry moves forward us and people like us are in extremely high demand.  If you want to part of an exciting business, contact me today!

Extractify, Inc

A small extracting company with huge demand, extremely high quality product, amazing team, and looking to grow!If you want to make a safe investment with big returns, read a little further!

CannaBuild Elite, Inc

Our organization has been founded by a couple growers who have done nothing but setup grow operations over the past 20 years.  As the industry has changed, we see big companies with big money moving in, especially in California and now we are looking for a change and an Investor / Partner to enjoy that change with us.

Original Organic Edibles, LLC

Looking to make a great Investment?OOE is looking to startup our Cannabis Edible production facility in the Los Angeles Area.  We have countless years using the herb and baking organically.   Our lead baker comes from 9 years at high end French Pastry Bakery in uptown New York.  Our Team consist of Pot Condisuers and Organic and healthy life style enthusiasts. 


Sexual pleasure doesn't happen at the press of a button, and for some it's a complete guessing game. Introducing MaryMax - Cannabis infused lubricant to enhance the female experience


Photographing and documenting information about the actual health hazards of contaminated weed and educating the public on signs of contaminants to look for as well as performing quality control in dispensaries in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. 

Downtown Hydro

Hydroponic shops should be involved with local growers through extensive product knowledge. Downtown Hydroponic’s world class service and support allows for any customer to become an expert with precision quickly.

Atwater Hydroponics

Our goal is to create a place where people can learn while simultaneously supplying them with all the tools and information they need for a growing success!

Superior Hydroponics

We specialize in Horticulture, Indoor gardening, Hydroponics an Organics, a Greenhouse Supplier. Horticultural Consulting Services.



Los Angeles Hydroponics

Taking pride in being locally owned and operated, Los Angeles Hydroponics & Organics planted it's roots in Torrance, California nearly a decade ago and has been growing ever since.

Hydro Galaxy

Welcome to Hydro Galaxy! Our goal is to give you the best experience, information, products at the best price, with the best service!

247 Garden

We are your online hydroponic solution for those in Southern California looking for a great, convenient source!