Omni Security Transportation Services

Secure Transportation for the Medical Cannabis Industry

Experienced, Trusted & Secure Services for Your Cannabis Transportation Needs

Experienced, Trusted & Secure Services for Your Cannabis Transportation Needs

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listed on April 20, 2017
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OMNI Security Transportation utilizes a wide variety of vehicles. This allows us to ensure the safe, secure and climate controlled transportation and delivery of your medical cannabis products. We have vehicles appropriate for all aspects of transportation from farm to distribution. 

OMNI utilizes four wheel drive vehicles with or without trailers to facilitate transportation of medical cannabis products from farm to manufacturing.


Security cameras are the Number One deterrent of thefts and vandalism. As well as preventing external thefts, they drastically reduce internal theft.

From an indoor warehouse grow to a large outdoor grow, OMNI is able to provide camera systems that can accurately record all activity even in extreme low light conditions. Security cameras with infrared capabilities are also effective at gates and property entrance points to track all vehicles as they enter and exit. The glowing red eyes of an infrared camera make it clear to criminals they are being watched and recorded.

  • Smaller cameras can be installed to have an up close view of plants to monitor your grow off site.
  • Your cameras can be accessed in real time from any device with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

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