Kush Angel 101

  1. Get Started

    1. How much does it cost to sign up

      It is absolutely free to become a Kush Angel user!

    2. How can I change my profile settings

      1. Log in to your account

      2. Click "Profile Settings" on the left side menu

      3. Make your desired changes and click update to save your new information

    3. I forgot my password. How do I log in

      On the log in page, click on the link "Forgot Your Password"

      You will be prompted to enter your email address where a link to reset your password will be sent.

    4. How do I list my business

      Kush Angel makes listing your business or product a breeze!

      1. Create an account by clicking "here"

      2. Once you are logged in, select "My Business" on the left side of your dashboard to open the dropdown menu

      3. Select "Add New" and complete all fields listed

      *If you need assitance filling out your profile simply click on the "help" icon next to each field for a brief tutorial*

  2. Make Connections

    1. How do I message other users?

      To use this feature you must have an account.

      If you are already a user, click the green "contact" button next to a business listing to send a message.

    2. How do I report a business/user?

      Please refer to our Trust and Safety page for more information. We want to ensure a safe envrionment for innovation and connection to take place.

  3. Claim your Business

    1. What are the benefits of claiming my business

      Listing your business on Kush Angel allows you to gain mass exposure and potential collaborations within the Cannabis Industry for FREE! By claiming your business you can ensure the information presented is factual.

  4. Other

    1. How do I contact Kush Angel if my question is not answered

      For general inquiries, email support@kushangel.com

      For support/troubleshooting, submit a ticket here and a support representative will repsond shortly.