Security Services - Systems

Security Services - Systems

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Cannabis Security, Inc - CAS

We offer security to protect your cannabis businesses, fully licensed and insured. We provide peace of mind for all of your Cannabis investments.We have a combined 25 years experience in the Cannabis Industry with a Successful track record!350,000 for 20% Company Stake!

Seed Secure Co.

Seed Secure offers complete security for all of your cannabis establishments. We offer the newest premium high-tech digital equipment to monitor your green investments 24/7.

Forged K9

Forged K9 is a cannabis security company providing protection dogs for the cannabis industry, personal, and executive protection. Forged K9 dogs are trained and tested in real world environments specific to your business, industry, or home.

Custom Vault

CustomVault is the security resource you need to take that critical next step! We provide technologically advanced, high-security modular vault solutions.

Vault Structures Incorporated

VSI has been a key player in the security industry for over 25 years. VSI’s safes are customizable and would be beneficial to dispensaries. The interior options allow for separation of different products within the safe while increasing security.

MPS International

MPS International provides security consulting services to businesses and individuals in the legal cannabis industry. When security officers are needed, MPSI contracts exclusively with MPS Security to provide uniformed security officers and management.

CannaGuard Security

We know your industry and we have the technology to keep it secure. CannaGuard Security specializes in designing and installing custom security systems specifically for the cannabis industry. 

CannaSecurity America


Helix TCS

Helix TCS is the Premier Provider of Integrated Operating Environment Solutions for the Legal Cannabis Industry

Blue Line Protection

We provide armed protection, professional compliance and investigative services, and secure transportation services toindividuals, businesses and government entities

Optical Lock

The leader in security solutions that ensures authenticity of shipment container & storage room contents in the supply chain for commercial and government consumers.

Safety Vision

Cannabis Transport Surveillance. Mobile Video Technology for the safe and secure transport of cannabis industry products.

Omni Security Transportation Services

Experienced, Trusted & Secure Services for Your Cannabis Transportation Needs

Security Camera King

Helping Marijuana business and entrepreneurs meet their compliance goals since 2012. We Know Security and We Know The Cannabis Industry.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Surveillance is All Cloud - All the Time. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is a true cloud based platform. Its a ground up, purpose built, modern cloud implementation. It is powered by multiple, redundant Tier IV datacenters – ensuring your video is always available.

Arcdyn Solutions

Arcdyn security is dedicated to providing high quality, high definition IP surveillance systems designed around specific security needs, including home security, cannabis and agricultural security,

GTC Security LLC

GTC Security licensed armed protection for dispensaries is based on our low signature tactical strategy that maintains a comfortable environment within your dispensary while providing the highest level of protection and theft prevention

Eclipse Surveillance

Eclipse Security is the surveillance product provider for many of the top Medical Marijuana Dispensaries world wide

Highview Technology Solutions

Highview Technology Solutions specializes in security systems for grow facilities and dispensaries facing increasingly complex state laws and regulations.

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