Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

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Adelanto Commercial Wharehouse in Cultivation Zone

Commercial real estate for sale in medical marijuana zone!  This new zone in Adelanto CA will be the mecca for Cannabis Cultivation in California.  As the demand spikes astronomically in Jan 2018, an Investment of this magnitude could double your money on the asset alone.  The cultivation can drive huge revenues as well.

Real Estate Investment - Medical Marijuana Zone

Capitalize on the largest growing industry with this new real estate venture. We have all plans laid out to make this property a growing success. Huge Investment Opportunity - Lets buy the building, my team of growers and build-out specialist could have it up and running in 3 months flat and pushing high enough volume to return the complete Real Estate Investment in under 2 years on your equity percentage Alone!300,000 Investment with a COMPLETE return in 2 years

420 Property

Search for real estate or business listings, list availabilities, locate financing and find 420 Real Estate Professionals and Services with 420 Property.

420 Property Finder

420 Property Finder, along with 420 College have a list a clients in the licensing process looking for a building’s to rent or to purchase for Cultivation, Retail Store Front, Testing, Manufacturing and Distribution!

Commercial Marijuana Real Estate

We find you properties that become the foundation of your future business.

CalCann Holdings

CalCann Holdings, LLC is building a premier portfolio of cannabis companies and brands in California that signal excellence, integrity and quality for patients, consumers, communities and regulators.

Pot Prop

Locally licensed real estate agents who help you find private property with homes, barns, farms, greenhouses, and more.

420 Real Estate Agent

Our mission is to cater to 420 friendly entrepreneurs, business owners, and everyday people across California, who are seeking real estate opportunities to lease or buy.

Grow Contractors


The Canna Shop

We are in a development stage for our property in Ca, zoned for any license type other than outdoor. Currently we are trying to fund the project we are proposing.  Essentially this would be a land development deal and would have LOI's to lease out the buildings that would be funded.Check out the for more info.

Cannabis Real Estate Brokerage & Lending

Wes Lewison is Senior Director Capital Markets who works closely with Cannabis Real Estate Investors to maximize leverage and successfully navigate investment opportunities. Wes believes each Investor deserves both a thorough analysis of newly proposed investment and current real estate holdings to insure the Investor has a sound capital optimization plan in place. Wes focuses on business ethics, timely execution, obstacle transparency and ultimately earning trusted client relationships.

Woodlake Commercial Group

I am currently looking for funding / joint venture. Not your typical deal.I have 5.5 acres that is currently having road, gutter and water basin installed. Its located in Woodlake Ca cannabis district. Was last valued when it had a home and orchard on it, now its flat and ready to go, industrial zoned.Land is very valuable as it has type 7 licensing available, to anyone who ones the land, There is not a lottery system..