Innovative Products

Innovative Products

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Pakalolo Studio

Pakalolo Studio is an Innovative Photo Pop Up Studio only 12 Inches by 12 Inches.  Our custom light spectrum allows simple phone cameras to take extraordinary  images of plant-life.   A premier solution for quick, easy, and wonderful marijuana photos. 

Baked At Home

The Baked at Home Company, is the first ever baking mix company specifically created for adding cannabis oil or cannabis butter.

Pot Smoker Wahoo Killer

Pot Smoker Wahoo Lure is a simply and fun idea.  We are not looking for an investor who wants to get rich on our company, just looking for an Investor who likes to fish, and want to make a few extra thousand bucks by doing almost nothing.

KushAngel Favorites
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OG Republic MedPen CBD Delivery System

The OG MedPen - California's original cartridge-based CBD delivery system designed for efficient, hassle-free medicating.  Serious investors only please!


Cramps? Backache? Meet Flotiva! Cannabis infused feminine products offering instant pain relief where you need it most!

Stonedware Company

Stonedware Company creates individually crafted, design centric smoking wares for the aesthetically inclined

Smoke Ghost

Smoke Ghost is the personal scented smoking filter that transforms smoke odor into refined scents that'll make you go "WOWZERS". Say goodby to smoke odor and say hello to Smoke Ghost.

420 Science

420 Science was founded in 2004 with an idea for glass stash jars featuring cannabis-themed designs. We’ve grown a lot over the years and in addition to making 420 Jars, we manufacture a wide range of smoke accessories


The first all-natural beauty and wellness line supercharged by cannabis.

Anonymous Bags

Certified child-resistant, locking storage bags for medical and recreational marijuana and other medical needs. Protect what matters most.

CVault Storage

The Cvault provides the ultimate storage solution for fresh herbs and premium rolling tobacco


Chiefton creates cannabis apparel with soft fabrics, and art designs people actually like to wear

Supplements USA, LLC.

Supplements USA, LLC. is the owner of ClarifyTM Dietary Supplement. ClarifyTM is a beneficial daily supplement developed for use by adult cannabis users. It is formulated as an all-in-one energy support, immune support, nootropic daily dietary supplement for the cannabis user.

Kush Candy

KushCandy™ is 100% pure cannabis oil in a disposable vape cartridge.