Grow Operations

Grow Operations

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Weed Shops

Weed Shops is Technology Development Company Specializing in Cannabis.

CannaBuild Elite, Inc

Grow Operation Build Out Specialists!

DT Grow op

Need 200,000 to 250,000 to lease and build out a 70 light  grow op to produce 42 to 56 pounds of medicinal marijuana.

Night Hawk Monitoring

Night Hawk Monitoring specializes in remote video surveillance. We install and monitor CCTV security systems from a remote location via the internet. Night Hawk Monitoring is able to secure your entire property without the use of security guards or dogs, potentially saving you thousands

Cat city grow op

looking for investor/partner

Cannasol Farms

CannaSol Farms is dedicated to producing the finest sun grown cannabis in the industry without harsh chemicals

Double Dutch Farms

No trim, no shake, no cutting corners - Just high quality sungrown cannabis. Grown in glasshouses using the sun, soil, and Dutch tradition.

Scapegoat Collective

Scapegoat operates as a boutique cannabis grower focusing on our in house strains.

Angel City Farms

Experienced Marijuana grower looking for an investor for a commercial grow operation. You can see more pictures and updates on our Instagram page @angelcityfarms we are willing to travel to anyone interested in a legal operation.

The Canna Shop

We are looking to team with investors and start developing a valuable piece of land we recently acquired. With 7.5 acres of flat light industrial land this startup will be a great opportunity for potential investors.  The city of Woodlake, CA is cannabis business friendly, offers a low gross sales tax, and is located in the heart of the Central Valley with great sun and water.   Check out for more info.

CannaBuild Elite, Inc

Our organization has been founded by a couple growers who have done nothing but setup grow operations over the past 20 years.  As the industry has changed, we see big companies with big money moving in, especially in California and now we are looking for a change and an Investor / Partner to enjoy that change with us.

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