Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

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Madison Edibles

We strive to provide the absolute highest quality cannabis products available anywhere.  Every edible treat we produce is made with 100% organically grown cannabis, flour, oils and other products.  We offer a Gluten Free line of tasty morsels as well.  

Canness Inc

Canness offers cannabis infused supplements for any athletic level with absolutely ZERO crash!

Extractify, Inc

A small extracting company with huge demand, extremely high quality product, amazing team, and looking to grow!If you want to make a safe investment with big returns, read a little further!

Auntie Em's

Auntie Em's Edibles Company, winners of Edibles List Magazine's Best Cake/Cupcake Edible and Best Vegan Edible, crafts the highest quality gourmet organic cannabis infused cupcakes and cookies in Southern California

Blackout Vapes

Upscale delivery devices for dry herbs, oils, and waxes. We create quality products and brands to provide you with the ultimate vaping experience


Bloom Yellow Bottles is revolutionizing the way you garden with ‘bloom’ advanced floricuture.  We are an Australian owned and operated liquid fertilizer manufacturer fusing science with nature to give you the most advanced floriculture feed system available.

KushAngel Favorites
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CBD Naturals Nano Infused Bottled Water

I will be giving out FREE sample bottles for the first ten investors who contact me.

Drip Icecream

A cannabis infused sweets company existing in a cosmic space between the currently unknown and the future.

Dixie Elixirs and Edibles

Dixie is the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products.

Riply's CannaGum

Riply's CannaGum is America's #1 solution for discreet and delicious medicating.

Pot Valet

Pot Valet is the leading provider of #1 medical marijuana delivery service with safe and easy access without visiting a dispensary. Pot Valet delivers marijuana in California.

Pot Valet

Welcome to Pot Valet - a leading provider of #1 medical marijuana delivery service in Monterey with safe and easy access without visiting a dispensary.

Cannabis Avenue

We are the most comprehensive Cannabis  Dispensary Online. With a rich and in-depth experience in online  distribution, customer care and marijuana production, we standout in the  marijuana industry. Our number one priority is to provide our customers  with the most secure, reliable, and safe online shopping experience. startup marijuana cbd infused water

Original Organic Edibles, LLC

Looking to make a great Investment?OOE is looking to startup our Cannabis Edible production facility in the Los Angeles Area.  We have countless years using the herb and baking organically.   Our lead baker comes from 9 years at high end French Pastry Bakery in uptown New York.  Our Team consist of Pot Condisuers and Organic and healthy life style enthusiasts. 

Pakalotion, LLC

CBD Infused Lotion that makes your skin yell Hallelujah!  Pakalotion is made of bamboo and cannabis CBD oil extracts.  This lotion will succeed.  We have perfected the recipe, just need an Angel Investor.


Sexual pleasure doesn't happen at the press of a button, and for some it's a complete guessing game. Introducing MaryMax - Cannabis infused lubricant to enhance the female experience