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How To: Write a Complete Description

February 2, 2017 • By

A Business’s Heart and Soul

This is one of the hardest tasks when listing your business and you might find yourself struggling to find the right words. That’s okay…here are a few tips to get your pen in motion!


Explain it ALL…but don’t ramble.
Sometimes this can go hand in hand. Just think, if your words aren’t concise…how can you expect to keep a customers attention?


We want the nitty gritty…but don’t lose your personality!
Keep it lively and energetic while detailing your business. One way to accomplish this is by adding multiple images, videos and detailed graphs (if applicable). Help your customer “see” the potential your product has and how it adds value to their life.


Take us on a journey
We recommend documenting your business’s progress from start to finish. How long have you been around? What are the challenges? How far have you come? For some, this may be the beginning; Continue to document while your business grows.


~Now let’s get down to business (pun intended)~

To assist you along the way we have also included a list of common questions clients have when pursuing a new product. We highly recommend spending some time nailing down these specific details.

1. What is your business?
Be direct and break it down in simple terms.

Business–  Canness Fitness
What is your product–  A Cannabis infused fitness supplement provided in various flavored drinks, powders and protein bars. See what we mean? 


2. How does it work?
Provide your audience with a detailed explanation of how your product works and what it requires. Maybe your product hasn’t been manufactured – if this is the case just be sure to include what it’s intended function will be.

BusinessPakalolo Studio
What is your product– 12×12 Self Contained Tent Lightbox for Photographing Small Plant Images.
How does it work– With virtually no set up (all pieces included) this micro studio enables you to use your smartphone to take high resolution, detail oriented images without the use of photoshop or spending hundreds for a “professional” photographer.

This is where you would include images of the Pakalolo in action. A step by step guide of it’s note-worthy features including dimensions and attributes. If you are selling perishable items (edibles) include ingredients and nutritional facts.


3. Why (is your product worth buying)?
Let’s build upon our previous product..

Why should I purchase your productOur micro studio cuts consumer costs by over 50% (photoshop, professional photographer fees). It is a one time purchase that can be expected to last multiple years. 

Add your personal touch…

“When I became involved in the Cannabis Industry I quickly noticed the lack of true image depth when contemplating my next strain of choice. Let’s be honest here, even google images didn’t provide anything close to what I can see with my very own eyes. We needed a game changer and that was the beginning of Pakalolo.” 



Consider this…if you were purchasing aproduct, what would you need to know to make that decision? This is what you need to include!

Any additional documentation such as marketing value and other important criteria is great and won’t be overlooked! Don’t forget to ask your support team. An extra pair (or 3) of eyes can offer a perspective that you might not see, but a customer will ask.