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How to: Owner Bio

February 10, 2017 • By

Creating a bio is one of the most powerful marketing tools that will help or hinder a clients perception of your expertise

It’s a simple process if you remember a few key points

1. Promote yourself
Not to be confused with bragging. Tell us who you are. If you have a team, mention their added attributes/expertise and how together you are the perfect package.

2. Explain why are you the best fit for the job
Most times this is best explained with education or achievements related to your product. It can also be a great time to explain your passion and why this particular industry interests you.

E.G. If you have a marketing background (previous employment or education) chances are you already have plenty ideas on how best to showcase your product or idea. You immediately bring value. Investors LOVE this.

3. Include additional related information
This will be different for everyone. Include your motivation, focus, success record thus far and education if not already mentioned.

This is your opportunity to showcase yourself and your skills. Take time to hone in on why your business and product is a no-brainer! As humans we are always critical of ourselves so we advise asking your support team. Chances are they will remind you of a few attributes you didn’t think of! Include these details in your business profile. By creating the perfect bio you are one step closer to making your Cannabiz success come true!