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Business Moderation Guidelines

February 9, 2017 • By

So you are ready to take your Cannabiz to the next level? Maybe you are searching for connection opportunities?  Either way Kush Angel encourages you to dream big! 

However, we do ask that you observe some basic guidelines:

Kush Angel takes your business seriously and so should you! Afterall, you are hoping to grasp a potential customers attention. Our platform was created to allow genuine business and eager clients an opportunity to come together.


A few points to keep in mind when creating your project:

– Keep your business profile on topic

This is NOT the place to make a political stance

– Don’t use offensive or crude language to make your point

– Don’t break the law

Kush Angel does NOT condone illegal activity

– Do not post spam

– We discourage posting personal information

Protect you and your affiliates identity by refraining from posting phone numbers, addresses and other sensitive information

– Don’t impersonate or make false claims about your products that are simply not true

Customers will ask for questions and wan’t solid proof before purchasing, It will be made known if you are fasefying information

– Watch out for typos

You lose credibility fast, be sure to take the time and effort to perfect your profile

– Don’t post crude or pornographic images/content

Let’s save the good stuff for personal ads…not affiliated with us

Kush Angel want’s to provide a Safe and Informative platform for businesses to engage. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking but will not condone any of the above. Have fun and be respectful!