Cannabis in March

March 10, 2017 • By

 3rd Annual Expo

MJIC is a cannabis distribution and compliance company whose aim is to be the most trusted cannabis company on the planet. It’s mission is to “sow the future of cannabis” through education, innovation and sustainability with an emphasis on expediting the cannabis industry’s responsible growth.


Marijuana International Corporation (MJIC) just wrapped up it’s highly anticipated 3rd annual California Cannabis Business Expo. This year the Expo was held in San Diego and attracted hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the US.The 4-day Business Expo featured a variety of workshops on topics such as cultivation, concentrates, licensing and compliance, and the science and medicine of cannabis.

The Expo kicked off with the popular Entrepreneur Showcase. Startups seeking seed capital and emerging growth companies had their products and services on display in the expo hall and got some coveted face time with potential investors. During the “CannaPitch” session, several emerging companies and brands were chosen to “pitch” their concepts on stage to a panel of investors.

Here are a couple that caught Kush Angel’s attention:

Madame Munchie makes beautiful High Times award-winning medicated French macarons. Their mission is to provide wellness, relief and a delicious, smoke-free alternative for their patients. Their handcrafted edibles use local California ingredients and are lab tested to ensure potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. 


Apothecarry designed a sleek, high-end cannabis case designed to provide both optimum freshness and security from children, pets and theft. The airtight Apothecarry case is separated into two sections: one side to hold up to 8 strains plus dabs and oil canisters, and a separate side to hold your grinder, vape, pipes and other tools.

The Expo wrapped up with the Marijuana Investor Summit, which featured panel discussions on the US and Canadian Cannabis markets, as well as investor analysis of some of the top Cannabis stocks. Panelists acknowledged the barriers cannabis companies face in expanding and going public – primarily due to federal prohibition and lack of access to banking and financial services. While there is uncertainty at a federal level, most of the panelists remain optimistic that the industry will continue to grow and investors will continue to invest.