Women Grow – March Mixer

March 9, 2017 • By


 March Mixer


Women Grow is a national network of cannabis professionals that hosts monthly mixers for women & men in 45 cities across the US.

This week, Kush Angel attended the San Diego Chapter’s March mixer. Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry with the goal of starting over 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry.

At this month’s mixer, a panel of delivery business owners discussed the future of marijuana delivery services in California. Delivery services are one of the most popular business models in the California cannabis market and undoubtedly provide a valuable service to patients.


There are over 125 delivery services in San Diego alone, and that number has grown steadily over the last several years.

Unfortunately, neither California’s medical or recreational laws include a state license for delivery services. Therefore, there is no “path to legalization” for delivery services, meaning they could be shut down in 2019 when California law requires all marijuana businesses to be licensed. Panelists expressed their support for AB 64, a new bill that would essentially allow delivery services to obtain a license as a dispensary with a “non-storefront” location.


The meeting ended with a call to action for San Diego delivery service operators to follow Los Angeles’ lead in organizing an alliance to represent their interests to local governments and make sure they’re not shut down in 2019.

Next month’s mixer will cover “Craft Cannabis” and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!