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How to Make a Great Catch Phrase

January 31, 2017 • By

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Your title is what sells the content and catches an audiences attention. We are here to help you create a title that will catch the eye of interested customers and potential partners.

There are a few key components to consider when creating a title as well as a few things to avoid.

But First….Some Examples (for illustrative purposes only)


Title Example One (the Ugly):  The absolute best weed ever created  ….

Ever…?  That does not sound likely – in fact it just sounds like its pretty unlikely.  Customers will stay clear.   This quickly loses credibility and makes your business profile start out like a blind date only to find yourself sitting across from the lady above.


Title Example Two (the Bad):  A fun new green project! ….

And this means..? Avoid being vague – be descriptive to captivate your customers attention. This is like telling your hairdresser you want a new do..resulting in an 80’s bowl cut.


Title Example Three (the Good):  A New way to find Capital to fund your business ….

Now that’s what we like to see..! Descriptive and Enticing. Enough to pique interest. Similar to the “Titanic”, an unforgettable moment when we all wanted Rose to fly.



1. Keep it short, no more than 10 words. Remember you are competing amongst others doing the same thing. Set yourself apart!

2. Create a “working phrase”. A working phrase should be specific enough to clearly describe your posts objective. Use this a rough draft until you narrow down your exact objective.

EX:  Take a topic such as “Cannabis Innovation”, you could pull the following phrases:    

“Fostering Cannabinoid Innovation Techniques”    

“A New Way to Infuse the Cannabis Revolution”

3. Ensure Accuracy. When viewers read your phrase, it becomes a clear expectation of what they will read.

4. A good phrase captures people’s attention. Enough to pique interest.



1. Don’t use your phrase to inspire wisdom, use it to trigger a desire or emotional response that pulls your audience in.

2. Be descriptive but never vague/abstract. This can appear weak and cause investors to keep scrolling.

3. Don’t go over the top and avoid added “fluff” or filler words. This adds length and loses attention fast.

4. Beware of puns. Not everyone shares your humor and might completely miss the point of your project. Be witty. Be wise.


If you don’t come up with a phrase instantly, that’s ok, focus on content and keywords you want readers to notice and the phrase will begin to form! Write down your ideas, test them out, ask friends which one piqued their interest. Most importantly, take your time!