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Create an Awesome Business Profile

February 8, 2017 • By

The key to catching the eyes of potential customers starts with a well constructed business,  presented in a concise and energetic tone


To create an awesome business profile you want to answer the questions below, via visual display, concise text, competitive advantage and last but not least.. WHY it’s worth our money.

~Let’s Break it Down~


1. Do I have a solid business?
Well, do you? Of course, or you wouldn’t be taking this step. Make sure your audience believes you do too.

First: Pick an awesome product image/video
It’s the first thing users see. It is your brand. Keep it High-Res…this is important as many devices display images differently.

Second: Create an enticing Catch Phrase
Keep it short, ensure accuracy and use it to trigger a desire or emotional response that pulls your audience in! Need more tips? Learn More

Third: Write a Complete Description
Writing our thoughts does not always come easy BUT it is the best way to grab attention. It is the heart and soul of your business and why it is so vital to the cannabis industry. If you can grab a customer or investor from steps 1 and 2 then you are already making progress – don’t stop short here.

Keep these points in mind:

– Be concise and direct with your words and DON’T ramble

– Keep it lively, energetic and full of details

– Showcase your business/product’s potential

– Explain how it works (step-by-step guide/images are a fantastic addition)

– Document your entire journey. This tells your audience you have done the research and put in the work it takes to lift an business off the ground


2. What is my plan?
Here is where financial data, graphs and marketing ideas come into play. Plans are inherently strategic: I start here and expect x, y, z results, I want to get here with a, b, c results.

First: Organize your strategy
You know what you want to achieve, right? Now put your thoughts and objectives in an organized display to make it clear.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”
-Simon Sinek


Second: Define your target market
In so many words, define who this product is aimed towards and who will benefit from it. If you have already done so, brainstorm ways to market BETTER.
E.G: A cannabis delivery app
– Anyone over the age of 18 with a medicinal license.
This is a huge target market with endless ways to advertise.

Third: Shift your focus from making money
Still explain the cost of your product and what is a required amount of spending for it to work (wholesale etc), but don’t focus on the money you need from an them. Instead, focus on why your product is worth supporting. What does it bring to the table?


3. How is my product different?
The last piece of building your profile will be explaining your “Competitive Advantage“. As you analyze your product and how it differs from the next (especially if it has a similar function), consider your upper hand.

First: Is it cheaper?
Maybe your neighbor has an awesome hook up in the supplement industry, which allows you to manufacture your cannabis-infused products locally. This is an advantage as it not only saves you time and money, but also allows for faster shipping to your customer base. Your upper hand will be having the same (if not better product) advertised at a lower cost. You may not be the only choice but you are the most cost effective.

Second: Do you have a patent/trademark?
The intellectual “upper hand” as we like to call it. It automatically increases your market value because you and ONLY you have this exclusive right.

Third: Research, Research, Research
We can’t stress this enough! Analyze what competitors are doing and what is working. Perhaps their marketing tactic has allowed them to reach more people. Is your product in some sense already available on the market? How can you be the number one choice?


Rome wasn’t built in a day… chances are neither was your business. Reach out to your support group/team and ask them for opinions. Test your methods out. Multiple perspectives help you cover all angles. All-in-all, if you stand behind your product and follow these tips you should be well on your way towards a successful Cannabiz!