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May 18, 2017 • By

Want to streamline your business operations and ensure stress-free legal compliance?

Seed to Sale software describes cannabis tracking and compliance platforms that help a cannabis business owner or government organization track their operations from “seed to sale.”

This type of software is often referred to as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which describes general business operation software that centralizes a business’s operations by syncing real-time data between all components of a business, including inventory management, eCommerce website, delivery management, point of sale, human resources, finances, accounting, and many more. If an ERP software is cloud-based instead of on-premise, it will be able to offer real-time centralized data that can be viewed on-the-go on your smart devices. To see and instantly try out a concrete example, check out

On top of a general ERP software, a “seed to sale” software might include more specific features that tailor to plant management, such as grow cost tracking, strain tracking, plant auditing, compliance tools and reports, tax planning and government compliance, chain of custody tracking, greenhouse process tracking… all of which to increase the efficiency of operations during the cultivation, extractions and infusions, manufacturing, and point-of-sale process.

Below is a diagram to illustrate a “seed to sale” software tracking system, created by a well-known seed to sale” software company, BioTrackTHC.


While it can take time to schedule a demo with rapidly growing companies like BioTrackTHC, startups like Webjoint allow you to instantly see and try out their software. Below is a snapshot of what some features on their software look like.

Seed to Sale

Seed to Sale and other ERP software can range anywhere from $100 – $200/month for a small to mid-size company to $400 – $500/month for a mid-size company. More often than not there is also an initial set-up fee of $1,000-$8,000 to $8,000 – $20,000+ depending on the size of a business.

To browse seed to sale software companies, Google search variations of keywords like “Marijuana tracking software” or “Seed to sale software.” You can also get started by comparing companies that pay to be listed on SoftwareInsider, as well as reading consumer reviews on Reddit.

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