About Us

Our core values are innovation and openness

What is Kush Angel?

Kush Angel is the modern B2B platform that connects businesses in the legal cannabis industry. We are open to businessess at all stages from a simple idea to a full blown operation.

For businessess within the cannabis industry, Kush Angel is the platform that helps them find new innovative products, potential partnerships and even a way to fund their business. Kush Angel makes B2B marketing for up and coming cannabis businesses easier than any other solution currently available.


We value growth in opportune timelines, design thinking when it comes to problem solving, and the power of technology to fill existing needs in the market.

Our mission.

Our mission is to provide a place for new innovative businesses within the legal marijuana market to connect and fill the needs of the rapidly growing industry.


We value transparency and honesty in cultivating a safe community where people are willing to share ideas with one another and help each other.

Our history.

Kush Angel was founded by an elite team of business owners who have lived and breathed the industry for over 20 years. With decades of experience in their pockets, the founders have experienced all sorts of challenges thrown their way, including the struggle to find the right connections in a highly regulated cannabis industry.

Now that times are rapidly changing and more legal markets are being created, the founders feel that it is the right time to give back to the cannabis community. In early 2017, they created Kush Angel, born to facilitate B2B connections, with those who love and see the potential in the legal cannabis industry.