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Businesses We Love

Project image

CannaBuild Elite, Inc

Ken -

Grow Operation Build Out Specialists!

Project image

Cannabis transportation service (C.T.S.)

Jazmin H

A transportation service for all your cannabis needs!  As the industry moves forward us and people like us are in extremely high demand.  If you want to part of an exciting business, contact me today!

Project image

Seed Hills

Monica W

Seed Hills never stops innovation and improving your cannabis! We analyze each cannaboid compound to ensure safe consumption for your consumers

Businesses We Love: Dispensaries

Project image


steven b -

Open a dispensary.

Project image

Cannabis Law Group

LosAngeles L

Our medical marijuana lawyers have set up and incorporated over 500 medical marijuana dispensaries in California since 2009. Our firm regularly represents medical marijuana growers, collectives, deliveries, edible and concentrate producers. We provide legal consultations and incorporation services including non profit mutual benefit incorporations.

Project image


Cayden H

Seaflowponics is your only solution for all of your growing needs! We offer premium lighting, the latest and greatest nutrients and a knowledgeable staff to guide you in your growing direction.

Project image

Adelanto Commercial Wharehouse in Cultivation Zone

jazmin h

Commercial real estate for sale in medical marijuana zone!  

This new zone in Adelanto CA will be the mecca for Cannabis Cultivation in California.  As the demand spikes astronomically in Jan 2018, an Investment of this magnitude could double your money on the asset alone.  The cultivation can drive huge revenues as well.

Project image

Madison Edibles

Benny C

We strive to provide the absolute highest quality cannabis products available anywhere.  Every edible treat we produce is made with 100% organically grown cannabis, flour, oils and other products.  We offer a Gluten Free line of tasty morsels as well.  

Project image

GreenSpeed POS, Inc

Ryan G

GreenSpeed is not just another POS solution, but a customizable solution to the needs of dispensaries in a difficult area of legality among jurisdictions.

Project image

Cannabis Security, Inc - CAS

Jazmin H

We offer security to protect your cannabis businesses, fully licensed and insured. We provide peace of mind for all of your Cannabis investments.

We have a combined 25 years experience in the Cannabis Industry with a Successful track record!

350,000 for 20% Company Stake!

Project image

Pakalolo Studio

Benny C

Pakalolo Studio is an Innovative Photo Pop Up Studio only 12 Inches by 12 Inches.  Our custom light spectrum allows simple phone cameras to take extraordinary  images of plant-life.   A premier solution for quick, easy, and wonderful marijuana photos. 

Project image

Sunlight Supply, Inc.

sunlight s

Wholesaling the best indoor and outdoor gardening products through  authorized retail dealers since 1995.

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